5 Online Earning Ideas That Can Give You Profit

The pandemic has a lingering effect on the world in the current situation. It's hard to sustain a business, let alone grow it and generate profit. You need to have a secondary income plan to get yourself through this situation. 

For some suggestions, you can start online work. A side business will double your earnings and keep a backup plan for your career. Significantly during times like the current pandemic, this will benefit you. 

There are plenty of online earning ideas to go around if you think of a new business. In this article, we have gathered such business ideas. In addition, there are five online business ideas that we think you should know about. 

Online Earning Ideas

When opening up any startup business, you need to focus on generating revenue. The five ideas that we will talk about here have the potential to be healthy. 

1.        Ad Revenue

Some businesses sell goods and services. They aim to generate more revenue for their companies. 

These businesses look for companies to advertise their products and services. So you can earn money through ad revenue like passive income. 

You can do it on several online platforms. For ad revenue, starting up a blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram, are good choices. You need to have a niche audience and start making content regularly. 

When your website or social media platform has enough subscribers and followers, you can submit your website for monetization. Once your channel is monetized, your content will get ads included in them; and whenever a viewer clicks on the ads, you will earn revenue. 

If you have a niche audience and talk about specific products, you may get offers from brands for collaborations or promotions. That is where affiliate marketing starts.

2.           Dropshipping 

If you are interested in a startup business where you can sell things, you need to consider online selling. But setting up an online store is not easy. It is not only time-consuming and requires lots of planning and assets. 

You need to set up an inventory, think about product packaging, shipping, creating invoices, payment systems, return policies, and so much more. But, do not worry; you can pull your online business off through dropshipping.

You don't need to think about setting up an inventory or packaging or shipping the products yourself in a dropshipping business. You only need to list the products you want to sell. Then, the drop shippers will pick up the product from a retail shop and deliver it to the customer who ordered it.

You don't need to invest much money and time into drop shipping or online reselling. Also, once your buyers have engaged with you, you can expand your business. 

3.           Affiliate Marketing

You can make your existing social media or blog following to good use by choosing affiliate marketing. For example, let's say you have a YouTube channel, and you share tech-related news there. 

You may have a niche audience for your YouTube channel or a large social media following. Either way, you can partner with many brands and start affiliate marketing. 

Now, what is affiliate marketing? It is simply a model of advertising where brands and companies pay individuals with a large audience to advertise their products or services. 

When you are doing affiliate marketing, the brands will provide you links called affiliate links. When buyers purchase products using an affiliate link, the affiliate marketers earn a small portion from the product's price. 

In most cases, an affiliate marketer earns the percentage of the total amount of sales done using the affiliate link. For some specific brands, the commission for affiliate marketing is a fixed amount. However, it is an effective passive income.

4.           Online Teaching

Especially due to the pandemic, the education system has agitated to its core. Learning is becoming more and more internet-based. Students are now comfortable learning about their favorite subjects through e-learning. 

So, if you have mastery over any subject, you can start online coaching to teach students about that particular subject. Online courses are now getting more and more popular.

If you are good at any other skills, you can sell courses on that particular skill. Learning online offers lots of flexibility. For example, you only need to make videos of your teaching; then, you can sell them online. You can also take live classes.

5.           Digital Marketing

You can sell any service online and make a passive income out of it. You can offer security, cleaning, and so much more. 

But there is one more thing you can do to set up a startup. Digital marketing is a booming industry, and there are more opportunities to be explored in this field every day.

You can earn handsomely as a digital marketer with strategic SEO tactics and blogging skills. Because of its effectiveness and innovative sides, many digital marketing farms are popping up here and there in the world. 


Many ideas come to mind when it comes to a business startup. But when it's about diving into a business, you need to be passionate about it. From an online bakery, consulting service, app development, web designing, you can come across hundreds of startup business ideas. But, without consistent passion, you won't grow much.