6 Affordable Shipping Services For Online Businesses

Ordering boxed packaged goods and indulging in some good old impulse buying are the new favorites of people while they continue to work from home. This has led to the increase in the popularity of e-commerce across the globe. As more and more people opt to purchase things online, it is essential for businesses to keep up with speed, especially in terms of delivery and shipping. 

Focussing on creating a killer website is crucial, but that does not mean you will not put equal emphasis on getting hold of killer shipping service. If you are a new brand in the market, you will definitely need to make sure that the quality of your product and the efficiency of your shipping service are two areas where you have to be great!

That is precisely why you need to know the top shipping services perfect for online businesses in 2022! Thus, keep scrolling and find out which services can help you!

6 Affordable Shipping Services For Online Businesses:

If you are a new brand in the market, you need to do everything to access shipping services that will retain your customers. And if you have existed in the market for quite some time, you would know the relevance of shipping services that are cost-effective and highly efficient, primarily if you deal in boxed packaged goods

Scroll down and learn about the top six shipping services that are affordable for running an online business. 

1) United States Postal Service (USPS)

Initially, in control of the entire postal services of the United States, the reduction in the sending of conventional mails caused the company to incur losses that they quickly recovered with their successful shipping services. The software-based shipping service enables users to request a pick-up for the parcel, purchase stamps, and even get both custom forms and shipping labels printed.  


  • Ships to remote areas.
  • Do not charge any extra fees.
  • Provides prepaid, flat rates based on regional structures.


  • No real-time tracking options.
  • Delivery time is more compared to other shipping services. 

2) United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service is one of the largest shipping agencies in the world, with a killer section solely committed to small businesses. For example, if you deal in boxed packaged goods, you will come across ground delivery, air delivery, and even international shipping. Thye even has multiple drop-off points, which is a great alternative. 


  • Detailed tracking information for both parties.
  • Delivery by air is usually overnight.
  • Provide drop boxes for people to leave their boxed packaged goods at any time of the day. 


  • Additional fees for availing of pick-up.
  • Extra fees for heavy packages and, as a result, can be expensive at times. 

3) Federal Express (FedEx)

Federal Express was started in 1971 and is based out of Tennessee. Every year, the company maintains an average revenue of 65 billion dollars annually. Mostly known for their services as a government contractor, the company has a great shipping section for small and private businesses too. 


  • Low rates of shipping 
  • Reschedule or hold  shipments with the help of the delivery manager
  • Well-developed tracking system


  • The pick-up feature is quite expensive. 
  • Also, the shipping fees are pretty costly compared to other agencies. 

4) Dalsey Hillblom And Lynn (DHL)

DHL is famous for linking businesses with customers globally pretty conveniently, especially businesses dealing in boxed packaged goods. The company at the moment has 2.6 million clients all over the world with 29000 shipping vehicles and 34000 shipping points. And the number keeps increasing!


  • The pick-up service is entirely free of cost.
  • The delivery service is door-to-door.
  • Refunds are provided if there is any problem with the shipping.


  • Additional fees are pretty expensive. In addition, the visibility of shipping is quite less in the United States.

5) OnTrac

Founded in 1991, OnTrac was called California Overnight and is currently only delivered to a handful of states in the United States. The states are as follows, California, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Colorado. The only problem is only 20% of the US population are living here. 


  • Early delivery by 24-48 hours compared to other agencies
  • ‘Signature required’ option comes from a free delivery service.
  • Great for businesses dealing in boxed packaged goods.


  • Every cash-on-delivery attempt that is repeated is billed to OnTrac.
  • Services are limited only to the west coast in the United States.

6) Spee-dee

If your business is located in the mid-western region of the United States, you must opt for the Spee-dee shipping services. This company offers terrific services to Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. At the same time, it also extends services to places with the zip codes of Michigan, Nebraska, and Missouri.


  • Offers services for heavy products up to 150 pounds
  • Provides order fulfillment as well as offers warehousing-related services
  • Perfect for businesses dealing in boxed packaged goods.


  • Normal account holders are required to pay additional service fees weekly 
  • Additional fees are charged for shipping dangerous materials, correcting addresses, and for acknowledging the delivery. 

How To Choose The Perfect Shipping Service?

While selecting any shipping service for your business, there are several factors that you must consider, such as, 

  • Weight of the product
  • Volume of the shipped parcel
  • Speed of the shipping service
  • Pricing structure of the shipping service
  • Tracking service
  • Brand reputation of the shipping company
  • Reliability and insurance-related services
  • Pick-up and drop facilities
  • International delivery and shipping options
  • Complimentary packaging, if any.

After considering so many factors, you need to arrive on a decision related to shipping services. Any company’s goal must be to choose a service that provides a secure delivery and shipping service that is also cost-effective, for your brand.  


It is very obvious that without the help of the perfect shipping services, your business can emerge victoriously or as a failure. Since 2022 is the year of e-commerce success, especially for brands dealing in boxed packaged goods the right shipping services can only boost conversion, enhance sales and increase your revenue.