Why Is the Mobile Gaming Industry Dominating?

The mobile game market is growing exponentially as the world’s largest game development companies have shifted their focus from PC and Console to the mobile market. According to recent research, there are nearly 2.70 billion mobile players worldwide which is pretty much enough to describe the mobile gaming trends. 

In addition to that, nearly 82% of people had enjoyed playing mobile games during the global pandemic. Cloud-based mobile games are the new trend that is driving the mobile game industry and we feel it will act as the propelling engine for the upward trend of the mobile gaming industry.  

In this blog, we will learn why the mobile gaming industry has taken off and why the mobile gaming industry has the potential to rule the future. 

How did Genshin Impact bring a shift in the mobile gaming industry? 

The first and foremost reason behind the rapid development of the mobile gaming industry is the release of Genshin's impact in 2020. If the stats are correct, the game helped the developers earn around 150 million USD in only one month of its launch. 

The open-world gameplay and the superior graphics of the game have also helped the game in outshining other games in the market. In addition to that, miHoYo’s transformation from large screens to the mobile market was also exceptional which made the game even more engaging. 

Looking at the contribution of miHoYo even the gaming giant like Electronic Arts is now focussing on the mobile gaming industry. Activision’s partnership with Tencent Timi for the COD or Call of Duty has also showcased how the world's best mobile game creators will have an impact on mobile gaming. 

Escalated user-friendliness:

Whether desired or not, you must have played a mobile game once in a while. One of the prominent reasons behind the rapid increase in the mobile gaming industry is it is highly accessible to players from all across the world. 

There was a time when video games and gaming consoles were the only sources of entertainment for the millennial generation. Today, you can play your favorite games anywhere on your mobile. As the majority of the mobile game players would seek connectivity through cloud integration the community will also have a huge impact on mobile gaming. However, the evolution in the mobile gaming industry will also decide the future of the entire gaming world. 

Mobile gaming is light on pocket:

Well, one of the best reasons behind the rapid increase in mobile gamers is it is quite affordable and mobile gaming technology is much cheaper than various other forms of gaming technology. 

For example, you can compare the price of mobile gaming with various other aspects like the price of owning a gaming computer and purchasing relevant games. Whereas, you only need a smartphone and a stable internet connection to play your favorite mobile games. As mentioned above, mobile gaming is also flexible when compared to PC and console as you cannot travel with your gaming PC but you can play your favorite mobile games everywhere. 

Apart from the device, you will also have to spend a lot of money on the keyboard, gaming mouse, and other related gear. Moreover, you can also consider the difference in price as one of the greatest reasons behind the development of the mobile gaming industry. 

Network and infrastructure:

Without any doubt, there was a time ten years ago when they hardly used to network and mobile towers apart from highly-developed countries. But today, even people living in tribal areas use smartphones and high-speed internet. As you can find smartphones everywhere you can also find mobile gamers in every nook and corner of the world. There is no chronic lack of network and infrastructure which has also massively contributed to the development of the mobile gaming industry. 

Various domains to explore:

The mobile gaming industry is also not limited to a few aspects which adds a greater advantage to the mobile gaming industry. The online cagino industry is one of the biggest domains which has got a rapid incline due to the developments in the mobile industry. Online cagino games have massively developed in the last decade and the same is expected in the future. As there are various relaxations from the governments of various countries one can today find a lot of players enjoying online cagino-based games. 

Well, the opportunity to become a millionaire by playing caginos on their smartphone has caught the interest of the millennial generation. Apart from caginos, the online zetting industry is also booming due to the mobile gaming trends. There is no doubt that the introduction to mobile gaming has acted as a revolution in the zetting and online cagino industry. 

The play-to earn model:

The pandemic has taken away a lot of jobs and it is one of the main reasons why the majority of youngsters have started their own gaming channel on youtube which is one of the best ways to generate revenue. Since the global pandemic, you can find a lot of games where you can earn money and exciting rewards. The play-to-earn model has also played a pivotal role in engaging youth from all across the world. There cannot be a better source of income than playing games. 

Diversity of games to enjoy:

Another surprising fact about the mobile gaming industry is you can find various genres to enjoy at zero cost. The mobile gaming industry is also providing room too small and medium-sized gaming companies to establish their presence in the highly-competitive market. A few years back only top companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA had the privilege of developing games. But today, we have a wide range of game developing companies providing tough competition to these giants. 

Most of the small and medium scaled mobile game developing companies also have a successful mobile game marketing agency on their back who promote their game across all platforms to engage gamers.

Final Verdict

These were the few reasons why the mobile gaming industry is immensely growing. In the future, you can find a diversity of developments and innovations which will shape the future of the mobile gaming industry. It means it will be more fun and entertainment for all of us on mobile which is not bad.