Top 10 Most Popular CRM Apps For Ecommerce

In recent times, enterprises are centering their focus on maintaining good relationships with their customers, hence they are considering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The CRM software is also facilitating them with various tools for simplifying their online sales comprising product inventory, order, delivery & payment processing, promotion, and marketing. 

At present, eCommerce CRM software is mostly in-demand and businesses are integrating them into their system to maintain and grow customer relations. Better customer relations help enterprises to gain growth opportunities, brand loyalty, a wide customer base, and so on. This is what eCommerce CRM has offered businesses. 

In the below post, we will read about the 10 best CRM for eCommerce businesses that enable businesses to collect, access, and utilize customer data in the best possible way to strengthen consumer interaction. Let’s end your wait and jump on the list of top 10 eCommerce CRM beneficial for all types of enterprises. Scroll down-

Top 10 eCommerce CRM Significant for Your Business 

We have evaluated the best CRM for eCommerce businesses suitable to various aspects such as cost, ease of use, functionality, and features. Let’s navigate to them: 

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is considered the best CRM eCommerce for small businesses. This advanced cloud-based CRM manages sales and support including deal closing, consumer network management, and collecting the real vision for shoppers. It provides plenty of customization freedom along with in-depth tracking. Salesforce distributes its primary service into ‘systems’ comprising sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, analytics cloud, community cloud, data cloud, IoT, and app cloud. It has different pricing plans for essentials, sales, and service professionals.   

2. Pipedrive CRM 

Pipedrive is considered the best eCommerce CRM software for visual sales pipelines that is simple to set up and use. The staff doesn’t even need IT professionals to implement it. Pipedrive is advantageous to make improved decisions with the help of easy-to-understandable data visualization. 

With personalized pipelines and fields, businesses can improve the existing workflow systems and have better processes across varied areas. If enterprises have an efficient mobile app, then, Pipedrive will provide you with higher user engagement and compliance with the team members.    

3. is the most preferred CRM for eCommerce project management. It is used for creating and executing automation to save time with the help of premade templates. All plans included in have the same 24*7 customer support via phone and email. It seems like a perfect solution used by any eCommerce development company to facilitate businesses with smooth sales tasks and easy ventures. 

Be it in-depth analysis with customer data visualization tools or a custom dashboard to be used for particular communication needs, Monday sales CRM is a go-to solution for all. It has the ability to work and run smoothly in any kind of workflow. 

4. Zendesk CRM

Zendesk is particularly created as a customer service CRM for the complete customer life cycle while managing post-sale activities and rejuvenations. It has the best CRM tools for eCommerce businesses to collaborate with team members and engage with them actively and work with them from anywhere. It is the most usable CRM for businesses that have complex customer profiles and want to maintain a long-term relationships with them. 

Knowing as the best CRM eCommerce, it offers two important AI solutions including Smart Assist and Intelligent Triage to strengthen ventures to triage the requests for customer support. Zendesk applies a different approach to integrate machine learning with these CRM tools to facilitate users to develop more customized and informed connections to provide customers with better services. 

5. Oracle NetSuite

This suitable & unified all-in-one eCommerce CRM is built on ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform and is used for marketing, sales, and business operations. It is a customizable cloud-based ERP platform with CRM efficiency. These CRM modules help ventures to acquire maximum benefit from interaction with every client. While having eCommerce development services, businesses can also have such customizations in their solutions to provide the best customer experience. 

6. HubSpot CRM

Implement this best CRM software for eCommerce integrations that is most valuable for new businesses. It can be helpful to sales, marketing, and other services. HubSpot has a wide range of libraries including primarily free integrations along with more than 1000 famous software apps. It is a great solution to go for sales teams to better their performance via data centralization from different software providers. It helps customers to connect easily with third-party tools to link and remove customer data at the time of automating business procedures to enhance team efficiency. 

This CRM platform offers a free plan to users with over 90 report templates used for personalized dashboards, whereas its paid CRM solution integrates customer report builders to access the accurate data and fine-tune report outcomes by the users.      

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho is recognized as the best CRM software for hybrid and remote teams enabling workforces to complete faster. This CRM helps teams outside the office to get notifications in real-time to provide customers with instant support. It also uses easy automation to save time by reducing repetitive tasks and augmenting sales procedures. It has an AI-strengthen assistant, leads prediction, recognizes future customers to get converted, and helps large sales teams. It offers four types of pricing plans comprising standard starting at $14 monthly, professional, enterprise, starting at $40 monthly, and ultimate starting at $52 monthly.    

You can also hire eCommerce developers from a reputed company to integrate a CRM like Zoho with advanced features.  

8. Freshworks

Freshworks is one of the most popular eCommerce CRM platforms for better communication. Every plan of this CRM incorporates VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to reduce the cost by cutting out the additional service providers. This CRM is both adaptable and intuitive that offers built-in tools created to communicate smoothly and understand the customer needs better based on the history of sales, engagement, and activities. It includes three plans comprising- growth listed at $15 monthly, Pro listed at $39 monthly, and Enterprise listed at $69 monthly.    

9. Klaviyo CRM

This is specifically built automated marketing CRM for eCommerce businesses that strengthen brands to deliver an individualized experience to customers. It includes various beneficial features such as predictive analysis, viewing history, in-app notifications, collective email & SMS, and more. This CRM platform’s pricing is customized to your contact list’s size. If a user has less than 150,000 contacts, then he can get a free trial of the CRM. The price ranges between $35 to $1970 monthly to get SMS and emails. CRM also uses AI to provide an accurate prediction about the customers’ buying behavior.    

10. Insightly CRM

You can have eCommerce CRM integration with Insightly as it is best for customization purposes. It has easy-to-develop personalized dashboards to provide required data access to the team. This CRM also integrates a scalable record-linking system to offer teams a better perspective to simplify intricate customer relationships. Different businesses can use different tracking metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) while having customized reports and processes to fit any enterprise. It has three different pricing plans: the lowest-level plan starts at $29 monthly, the professional plan at $49 monthly, and the Enterprise plan at $99 monthly. 

Final Verdict 

Easy-to-use and feature-rich CRM for eCommerce sites are proving beneficial in every possible way. CRM Integration helps businesses to establish their brand online and maintain long-term relationships with customers. The above-mentioned top 10 eCommerce CRM software assists businesses to understand the buying behavior of customers. With the help of integrated eCommerce tools, businesses can form effective eCommerce CRM strategies to earn a large customer base and retain the old ones by having accurate predictive analysis and real-time data insights. They can also take the help of a leading eCommerce development company to develop a CRM-integrated solution.