6 Things to Think About When Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop

Games are one of the many things a person can enjoy anytime and anywhere. But to enjoy your favorite games, some game lovers switch to gaming consoles, some to computers, and some people to laptops. All these electronic items help you to play your favorite games. But nowadays, more people are switching to playing games on laptops, generally known as gaming laptops. These gaming laptops are known in trend because they are very easy to carry by a person anywhere they want to take it with them to enjoy their gaming desires. Besides this, there is one important thing that every game lover person should know when choosing a gaming laptop for their needs and desire. This is because every game requires running it on the laptop you want to play it. There are some very important things in terms of their specification, which are as follows:

Laptop Display

Talking about the display in a gaming laptop is very important because the size and resolution directly impact your gaming experience. 

Laptop Resolution:

It is evident that with high resolution, more pixels will appear on the screen, which can provide a clear image of the game you are playing. This will help you enjoy the game more freely. To have the luxury of a good display, many people spend their money on the big screen to have a 4K view display of their game and to play it well and correctly. But remember, it also takes a lot o money to achieve it.

Laptop Screen Refreshing Rate:

When you have a gaming laptop with an excellent refreshing rate, the display on your laptop's screen will look more smooth and more accessible for you to follow the game while playing it. The process is done so that it redraws the image many more times per second. So that you can have a good display look. This capability of many laptops is very different from one another, which is  120Hz, 140 Hz and even higher.

Laptop Screen Size:

The screen size of a gaming laptop also matters because the big the screen size is, the more you will enjoy your game playing. The laptop's screen size comes in wide varieties, which are 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches, which are very common in terms of configuration.


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the computer's main part, the brain for computers and laptops. So to have all games running correctly on your gaming laptop. Something also needs to have to check regarding the CPU:

The Clock Speed of Your CPU:

The work of clock speed is how many cycles a CPU is running every second. When your CPU produces a higher clock speed, your CPU is high-speed, and you can enjoy your gaming very fast and have no lacking on your gaming laptop while playing games on it.

CPU Core Count:

There are many versions of   CPU core: dual core, four cores,  six cores, eight cores and octa-core. Every core has the same capability but high processing speed as you use higher core versions for your gaming playing. The usage of CPU cores depends upon which game have higher requirements of running on a specific gaming laptop. When you have higher cores for your game playing, then you will enjoy a fast and comfortable gaming experience.

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A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is also very important because it makes the pixels that will form the image on your gaming laptop screen. The GPU  is another one of the key factors for you to enjoy smooth frame rates and high resolution during game playing.

GPU Frame Rate and Resolution:

To have a good gaming experience, you have to ensure that your CPU and GPU  can fulfill all the requirements for providing you with good frame rates and give a good rendering of the proper resolution of your gaming laptop screen. This is because the game you are playing on your gaming laptop has a heavy configuration to make them run properly on your laptop for a good experience.

Laptop’s Memory and Storage

When you want to experience good gaming on your laptop, consider a good memory and storage for your gaming laptop.


RAM is (Random Access Memory). When you have good RAM  of 4 GB to 8GB, then you can experience good game playing on your gaming laptop. The gamer who want fast results and good display need to have good RAM for their gaming laptops. This is because the RAM performance will enhance your system responsiveness. Another effect you will experience is that the game will load faster and enhance your frame rates on your excellent gaming experience.

Laptop Storage:

When you are playing a game on your gaming laptop, then you need a lot of storage space in your gaming laptop. Because games consume a lot of space while you are playing them pr like when you have installed them on your laptop. You need more space in your laptop to enjoy your favorite games.

Laptop Battery Period

This will sound a little weird, but it is true when a person is playing their favorite games on their gaming laptop. So they want to enjoy their gameplay for a more extended period of time. The normal laptop can last for 3 to 4 hours till its battery life is out and need immediate charging. But when you stand firm in your decision to buy a gaming laptop. You should check their battery life. Usually, a gaming laptop can last for six hours, giving you quality time to enjoy your game playing on it. 

Laptop Ports and Inputs

One of the things you need to check when buying a gaming laptop is its ports and inputs. Because you can connect your laptop to a bigger screen so that your friend and family can enjoy your game playing as well with you. Ports like display ports, USB ports, audio ports, Ethernet ports, SD card ports and many other ports are needed to enjoy game playing on your gaming laptop. This is because your gaming laptop does not have input and output ports. So how can you enjoy your game playing with your friends and family? However, a laptop is functional with ports, so keep this in mind.


Playing games can relieve your stress in a good way. But to attain it, you have to consider good things for your gaming laptop for playing your favorite games for a good time and for fun. To have all the games and accessories related to your gaming craze, you must come to Mwave. Because at Mwave, you will have everything you need for a good gaming experience on a gaming laptop. The prices are very affordable and reasonable for you to have everything you need.